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A Journal of Courage:  My Sister's Breast Cancer Story
My sister was without question, one in a million -- but in early 2004, she became one in eight when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Shortly after her diagnosis she began to chronicle her journey and experience with this disease. The next few pages are images from her journal and the story she told in dealing with breast cancer.  In this, she details her thoughts, her fears, and her feelings. She filled her journal with the hope she believed in, the courage that she maintained throughout her battle, and even her never ending sense of humor.

I sincerely hope that her words will encourage you -- whether you are dealing with cancer or with any obstacle in your life. Her message and strength  reflects the kind of person who wrote the words -- a person who did not allow any situation, including cancer, to become a burden big enough to cast a cloud on her love for life, or dampen her spirit and willingness to live it!  Read more...

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