Is Deborah Dolen Threatening to Sue You?

Oh, I hope not, because she hasn't satisfied a Federal Judgment against her for her vexatious actions in a previous lawsuit! (Bad girl!) (But, lucky for you!)

If you have found my site because you're being threatened with a lawsuit by Deborah R. Dolen, please do NOT be afraid of her rants and hysterical nonsensical threats. My family and I found first hand that threatening a lawsuit is just what that woman does to bully people and try and manipulate them into paying her to go away. A little insight into her
felony record and reputation with the courts, however, will relieve you of any fear. Deborah Dolen knows (or should know) very well that the courts are NOT going to entertain another one of her frivolous and vexatious lawsuits. Her behavior in the lawsuit she filed against my family and me, and the outcome of that bogus lawsuit, pretty much insured that if she tries it again, the courts could and probably would sanction her - even as being pro se. In addition, she currently has not satisfied a Judgment I have against her as an outcome for her Court-deemed vexatious behavior in Federal court. see judgment lien

Don't let Deborah Dolen bully you! Important! The first thing you will want to do if she threatens you with a lawsuit is respond with the information that due to her previous vexatious behavior and several unpaid Judgments against her, (check her name for judgment liens at that you will be motioning and requesting from the Court that she be required to pay a Security Bond, upfront. A $40,000 Security Bond, for example, would ensure that when her case is dismissed or lost, the attorney's fees for your defense would be covered by that bond, and that you would not be left with the financial responsibility of her [proven] pro se irresponsibility and vexatious behavior. She will NOT be able to pay this Security Bond because, according to an application for indigence she filed recently, she has no money or assets. Her case would then be flushed down the toilet. (Not literally, but that's where it would belong.) You can cite the final judgment in Dolen vs Ryals where the Federal Court deemed her behavior to be "vexatious."

This woman has NO legal muscle, as she will claim she has, and despite what an "important, busy and famous author" she touts being, this is simply not the truth, or reality. Don't be fooled by her and do NOT allow her to bully you!

If you need further information on the Judgments mentioned above, please feel free to contact me.

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