Deborah Dolen, Who?

That's exactly what I asked after hearing a recording where this woman had called and viciously and verbally threatened and attacked my elderly mother on the phone by telling my mother that she was going to be sued in "Federal Court" and then "thrown in the street to rot." Regardless of this woman's fantasy claim that we were trying to attached ourselves to her imaginary star, in actuality, none of us had ever even heard of Deborah R. Dolen or her alias, "Mabel White." Oh... but she had researched us, concocted a lawsuit scam, and soon my mother, my husband and I became targets in her wild, delusional, and patently false rampage. Threatening a lawsuit for the sole purpose of a potential settlement was not only how this woman intended to game the Courts in her little scam, and obtain the attention she was seeking, but her threats of lawsuits have apparently been an ongoing trick to manipulate others into succumbing to her demands.

Note: If you are being threatened with a lawsuit by Deborah Dolen, please read this:
Deborah Dolen Lawsuit Threats

For anyone who hasn't read about the experience my family had with being targeted by this person in a pro se vexatious and nonsensical lawsuit, there is only one way to describe the situation. Because Deborah Dolen was given our names and info by by husband's disturbed ex, Angela Schubart Ledcke (now Niehoff) (now Angela Bohrer), and urged to go after us in an act of immature retaliation, we were targeted; we were bullied; we were threatened; we were accused of meritless, unsupported, and delusional allegations; we were libeled and disparaged publicly; and we were drug through Federal court by a nutcase we did not even know - all because she was trying to squeeze some  "settlement" money from us in a lawsuit scam. I'd read about this sort of lawsuit abuse before, but as most people, I never though my family and I would be the targets of such a scam.

With bully Deborah Dolen’s grandiose sense of self and completely crazy and irrational “opinions,” this convicted felon, fraud, and former prostitute has actually stated her meritless and hallucinogenic nonsense online that I'd stalked her, and that all 'useless' little me wanted was to have her speak my name so it would give me reason to live and some sort of purpose in my "miserable" life. Oh.... really?

In whose delusional world does a scammer, ex hooker, convicted felon, and eight-time bankruptcy debtor have the perceived supremacy to feel such significance? Obviously, my sentiment is that this woman has some serious mental issues, lacks a moral compass, and has a total disregard for others, as well as reality. Again, we did not know her and had never heard of her when she began her bully rampage and lawsuit against my family and me, and my life was perfect without this fruitcake scammer in it. In reality, having her even think of me or my name makes me feel grimy and violated! Eck! 

So, what about her claim of being "stalked?" That was simply crazy nonsense, and completely imagined because of her thinking she was somebody of importance. It was only after she barged into our lives, did I [naturally] look into who the deranged nut was who harassed and verbally attacked and threatened my elderly mother on the phone, and then filed a meritless and vexatious Federal lawsuit against my family and me. I blogged about the experience and apparently this really aggravated her. I have to wonder, though... who wouldn't investigate a person that had targeted them and was threatening their family in an extortion lawsuit? (Maybe she should've thought about this possibility and the consequences of her intended scam before trying to railroad us into paying her to go away.)

Deborah Dolen's false victimization and lawsuit scam attempt was not only lacking in basis, fact and/or substance, but this pro se plaintiff made the greedy blunder of including my elderly mother as a defendant by claiming that my mother was a participant “24/7” in “staking” her online and taking part in forum gossip about her. When this file-a-lawsuit-with-no-proof-or-support scammer (Deborah Dolen) found out after including my mother in this fraudulent court case that my mother has never touched a computer and didn't know how to use one, eventually the story was altered with a claim that Dolen simply called and “warned” my elderly mother of the “stalking activity coming from the property.” Oh. Okay. That makes it all better.... um... except, what "activity?" Deborah Dolen never had a single supporting fact or anything other than her own delusional fantasies and gossip from the crazed ex to support her made up allegations of “activity” coming from our property. Nothing. Nadda. No IP address. No contact from us. No evidence. No facts. No proof. Nothing! Where’s the evidence? Any evidence! No, all this fraud plaintiff, Deborah Dolen had was an empty claim and a devious plan that she thought would make her rich. I guess that's just what crazies do.

Being very ambitious in her greed, and in trying to intimidate us, she made a demand in her ridiculous civil "lawsuit" for not only a jury trial, but also that criminal charges and prison time be thrown at all of us (including my elderly mother). All-the-while, this pro se plaintiff was letting us know that she would generously drop her bogus lawsuit action for a [hefty] monetary settlement. The idea behind this sort of extortion scam via a lawsuit is that the "settlement" route is usually cheaper than the expected litigation would be. This plaintiff was so blinded by greed and arrogance that she failed to see as she was bulldozing her nonsense through the courts (at taxpayer's expense), that her her PRO SE “Federal lawsuit” made absolutely no sense, and although she had the "right" to pursue her claims, the courts were aware of her instability and irrationality. Her pride kept her from realizing the consequences. Her problem: People aren't as stupid as she thinks they are. Oh... and we don’t bully that easily.

Yes, Deborah Dolen had a good run for several decades at not having to work and hauling in her income fraudulently through major scams. We stumped her when we became one of those scam attempts because even though she "warned" us that she'd 'dealt with bigger fish than us and gotten her own way,' we stood up to her, defeated her, and did not allow her to profit from her intended scam this time. Not only did she get nothing from us, but now she has a monetary judgment and ruling against her and owes us for her vexatious actions. Guess that makes her a little cranky and displeased with us, so she continues to make up excuses and stories of being bullied and "cyberstalked" by us. More delusions that simply don’t make sense.

The latest in her torrent of fraudulent and supported claims is that she "had" to sue me because I “bullied” her on my website. Really? That's interesting, because [again] I didn’t have any content at all on my website until six months AFTER she targeted and sued my family and me, and all I’ve referenced about her on this site is her scam attempt lawsuit against us, and how I came to find out who this nutcase pro se plaintiff was - including her criminal history. I suppose if she didn't want that information out there, she should not have been so blatant in threatening us and trying to extort from us in her lawsuit lottery scam--letting greed overpower common sense, and taking the chance that I'd discover her criminal history. Maybe it was just something she didn’t expect. After all, from reading old forums from 2002 through 2004, bullying had been pretty successful for her. People had often scurried out of her way when she fired up her steamroller of threats and monkey-mouth cell gangster talk.

Despite all of her pompous bragging of success and fans, I know the pathetic truth about this person because of involuntarily having to deal with her and her insaneness for almost three years. (Successful people don’t have their driver’s license suspended for months at a time for failure to carry auto insurance, and successful people don’t live off of every one else for decades and decades by scamming, dishonesty, operating fraudulent businesses, and living beyond their means then filing bankruptcy after bankruptcy (6 in all, I think) to simply write off the debt over and over again. In my book, that's called personal irresponsibility and living off someone else's dime.

Deborah Dolen, so high on thinking that she is famous, hires Fiverr gigs at $5 a pop to publish press releases about her, leaves fake and glorious comments about her and her books and products in order to deceive the public into thinking they are worthy of purchasing, and even pays lowlife types to have me bashed on scammer sites so she can say “she” didn’t do it. Yes, at Fiver, she also buys Facebook fans and over 10,000 twitter followers at a time for only $5.00. Apparently, having numbers of fake identities following her makes her feel very important. That... in my book, is not success. (It's delusional.)

So, tell me…. Why would I, a thriving, productive, talented, well-balanced, functional, and completely happy person - who has earned her own living, has never cheated anyone out of anything, has a perfect mental profile and wonderful life, and has the respect of family, friends, and the community, want to aspire to a fake, a fraud, a felon, and a complete phony, and have them pay me some attention? Um.... no.... no thank you! I'm good.

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