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Hi! I'm Joanne Kidd, and aside from being an unintentional blogger, I'm also a wife, a mother, an enthusiastic  grandma, a professional photographer,  and for the past 30+ years, an independent graphic designer. This is my little corner in the world of blogging suburbia, where in my spare time, I come to relax, create, play, and share some of the ideas that pop into my head throughout the day. This is where I can sit in either my pearls or my paint-stained project clothes, write what's on my mind, share bits of my everyday life, my thoughts, and other little pieces of my world, and just be me!

Here's a Little of What's Here:
  In Case You've Been Wondering. . .
A life of laying around on the beach sunning, eating and sex... > more
    A Delicious Kitchen Re-Do. . .
Since my sanity was only somewhat affected on the recent floor replacement project, I figured I'd test it just a little more ... more
  In the Mood for A Mess. . .
A project I've been dreaming about and dreading at the same time, but I finally pushed the start button
  Avocado Mask: Moisturizing or Munching?
Every once in a while I see some claim about how this or that concoction is able to fight aging. Aging is a natural process... more
  Spring: A Time For New Beginnings. . .
Around here, Spring is a time for planting and a time for enjoying the beauty that Mother Nature has to offer. It's a magical time, when... more
  Let's Get Something Straight!
I was enjoying a paint project at my youngest daughter's house this past week and mindlessly rolling along in auto-paint mode... more
  Who is Reading This Thing?
I received an actual letter recently that was rather “interesting,” to say the least. It came complete with photos! (Wild!) ...more
  How to Splash Away a Rainy Day:
Just because it starts to rain - that doesn't mean the fun has to stop. There's plenty of great outdoor stuff to do on a rainy day... more

What Kind of a Person Does This?
Simply thinking that if someone has no Internet access, ability, or online existence, that it excludes him or her from being the target and victim of an Internet predator... more


Inviting The Perfect Party Guests:
From cheeses and fruits to layered sushi and spring rolls to sweet treats, these party guests know how to please... more


More About Me:
I am happiest when I am thinking, creating, designing, decorating, painting, gardening, or renovating something.  I enjoy challenges... more




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