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After a mastectomy and even more radiation treatments, only months later,
tumors began to reappear and cell samples indicated that the cancer had spread.
Pat lost her battle with cancer on August 25, 2005.  Just days before this disease took my
beautiful sister's life, she still remained optimistic that she could overcome the monster that had
so aggressively consumed her.

Although I was not with her the evening that she passed, the phone was propped up to her ear and
I was able to tell her that she was the best sister ever, and that I would always love her.  She didn't
have the ability to communicate, but she did manage a slight grunt.  That grunt was the last sound
I heard from my sister and the last sound she ever made.  Only moments later, surrounded by her three sons
and their love for her, she passed from this world.

Pat's family and friends were the light of her life and her spirit will continue to shine through each of us. 

I truly believe my sister would've wanted the opportunity to share her experience in the hope that it could
possibly help even one person.  She would've wanted the chance to campaign for early detection and
routine screening--something I wish I would've insisted upon
with her.



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