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June 26, 2009 - My first blog entry:

Six months prior to the writing of this first blog entry, the thought that I would ever have a blog and display any part of my life on the internet, would be silly. I’ve always been a very private person and have never had the need to share any part of my life with anyone outside of my family and close circle of friends. Sometimes, however, things happen and circumstances change. In our instance, out of nowhere came a mad-woman suing us in Federal court with all sorts of crazy, fabricated, delusional, and twisted claims. We'd never even heard of this woman before the lawsuit attack. The "Federal complaint" and bogus claims were intended solely to cause harm to me as well as my family. Anyone who actually knows us and has seen the claims, threats, and attempts at intimidation coming from this person, instantly responds, "That woman must be a psycho!"  So, here is my very first blog entry about this bizarre experience, and dedicated to the fruitcake felon who sued us:

Bullies and Cyber Psychos Target My Family and Me For a Lawsuit Extortion Attempt:
In January of 2009 my family’s lives were interrupted by someone we did not know existed in this world. Not known to us at that time, though, this person had been slurking around snooping on us. (I believe that is called stalking - right?) Eck!  She had become a friend  of my husband’s psych-o-delic and jealous ex-wife, and together, they were up to no good. My husband and this ex were divorced in 1991 or 1992, but we have had nothing but problems from her for the past several years. (Ain’t some exes a hoot?)  Because of her own crazy conduct over the years the ex had already been court ordered to obtain a psychological evaluation and she’d also been court ordered not to contact us in any way. Even so, she posted our phone number online, blogged crazy, made up stuff about us, emailed and text-messaged links to her blog(s) where she had been either posting bikini pictures of herself and announcing where she could be found while vacationing here in Florida (twice), posting a 22 year old wedding picture and her pregnancy photos online (18 years after her divorce from my husband) and directing me to take note that they were cuddling and kissing in the old pics. (OH, Shock!) This nutty ex then tried to tell the world through her insane blog that he was a schmuck and that he “abandoned” her when he found out she was pregnant way back when. (Kind-a explains that court order for a psychological evaluation – don't-cha know.) She even text-messaged him a link to a site where she had posted a twenty-plus-year-old picture of the two of them taken in their dating days back in the 80's to try and convince me that it had been taken during a 'recent rendezvous endeavor' while we were married. (I think it really bothers her that her ridiculous escapades haven’t resulted in any attention from us.)  Eventually, she began to claim that WE did these things to HER.  (Um, yeah…. One of us is really going to post a 22-year-old picture of the two of them and try to claim that he was attempting to rendezvous with her.  Nope, something doesn’t add up.)

Still being ignored by us, when this nutcase ex saw an opportunity to enlist a ringmaster for her dog and pony show of acting like she was some sort of stalking victim and to try and cause problems for us, she jumped on their devised plan faster than Bubba's hogs can polish off a bucket of slop!  We’ll call this new friend of the ex, “Madea,” but in no way am I trying to insinuate that the "trade name" she has created for herself is Mabel (as in Mabel White), and it sounds a lot nicer than calling her "crazy-douchebag #2). Okay?  Now, after being challenged to explain just HOW crazy-douchbag #2 she would've ever found out who we were, or anything about us, Madea then cleverly claimed (in her very own cell-gangster way) that our attorney "dimed us out"  and not her new little friend, the ex!  She even included that delusion in a sworn Texas Bar Complaint she filed against our attorney (for no particular reason other than to follow up on her threat that she could "do crazy" if we didn't pay her off.) So, I’m guessing that the attorney must've been be freaky-like intuitive or something because comments, threats, and Yackety-McYackster yapping about how my family was going to be sued are dated back and were being made by Madea (and a mysterious accomplice) on a trashy Topix forum DAYS before this attorney even knew of our existence and even before we knew of his or Madea's existence!  Mystically creepy - huh?

Anyway, it seems that because Madea was boasting that she was some sort of famous author or DIY TV celebrity or whatnot (which she was not) in some online chatroom or that Topix forum, several sleuth-wanna-bes and sorts there did a little research on her and posted in the forum about “Madea’s” naughty past (one that would make your local street-walker blush with embarrassment). The ex didn’t have to do many flips or tricks (no pun intended in reference to “Madea’s” documented criminal history and/or arrest record for certain illegal activities) before Madea was drooling with greed and gathering up my family's names and information from the ex, while concocting a scheme of pro se lawsuits and extortion, and naming us as these posters simply because one of them ( Arden_1) had a Jacksonville IP.  ("Madea" had obtained a paralegal degree while being incarcerated in Florida for a charity scam in 1990, so filing pro se is simply a no-brainer for her.) And, oh yes, this nutty ex is just that compelling because I think she actually believes her own little fictional and fantasy sagas, and if someone hasn't taken their stupidity anti-body, she can obviously be somewhat convincing. (Tears always seem to help.) It probably wasn’t too difficult in this case, seeing as how Mabel (oops) “Madea” had already convinced herself that she was some famous author and home living guru and that we were trying to become rich and famous by attaching ourselves to her name. (What? You didn't know she was famous? Oh well, us either.)  So now the reinforcement claims that we are responsible for her reputation problems, as well! (Like minds, and all that)  She claims we weren’t satisfied with using our own good, clean, respectable, responsible, competent, successful, spotless, reputable and highly regarded reputations and identities.  Nope, we wanted to throw all that away and latch onto “Madea’s” 15-page-FDLE-rapsheet, criminal, felony record, perpetrator reputation to get ourselves famous!  (Much more exciting, I suppose.) 

Thinking fast and furiously, and with some not-so-clever reasoning, this dazzling duo of dizziness blame-stormed and decided that because my family lives in Jacksonville, Florida and one of the posters with a Jacksonville IP had posted on a Florida Topix forum picking on Madea and her “famous author” self, WE were obviously EVERY Topix poster that did not agree with her!  Even the fact that my 84-year-old mother, who thinks that if she touches a computer that the National security will somehow be compromised, and does not even have a computer or any kind of internet access, became open game for “Madea,” as she named my mother in her Federal lawsuit as a “Jane Doe Cyberstalker” and as the "mastermind" of our little alleged ring of "crimes" against her. (My mother, by the way, is absolutely the most amazing person I have ever had the privilege of knowing. She has set the bar extremely high by example, and in my opinion, is just about perfect! She is an incredible woman who has always put others before herself, has never consumed alcohol or even coffee, never smoked, and I have never even heard her use profanity--although the other day she did say the word “butt” and it was the first time I’d ever heard her say that!  I have never heard her complain about anything, but her cute little Irish temper sometimes makes her “so mad” she can “spit nails!” Duck! If you’re cute, she can “eat you with a spoon.”  Once my youngest daughter was told that and actually went and fetched a spoon for grand-ma!)

None-the-less, my 84-year-old mother, who 'doesn’t do computers' has also been named in Madea’s nonsensical Federal lawsuit for various computer crimes, while Miss Lawsuit Filer insists that my mother is just lying about her lack of internet access and ability!  (We can only conclude from this that she must be making contact with the internet world when she microwaves her oatmeal. Tricky mom!)  She’s been called a "demon," a "terrorist," and a “bitter old woman” that “spends all day on the internet” (that’s a LOT of oatmeal, mom!) by someone who knows absolutely nothing about her, her personality, who she is, or how she actually spends her day. (Ignoramasaurus unaware of what it blabberith!) I have to add here that my 84-year old mother, although severely technologically challenged, is currently the only active member of our home gym, putting in daily mileage on the treadmill! (Yes, I hang my head in complete shame….) 

So, Madea, knowing absolutely nothing about us (other than gossip from the ex, who also knows nothing about us), and sitting on her rumpkiss in Texas, has not only deemed herself as an authority of how we spend our time at work and at home here in Jacksonville, and who our friends are, but she has also sworn to her fabricated speculations and hooey under oath!  (Maybe one of those evaluations would come in handy.) (I'm just sayin.)

Here’s the jest of “Madea’s” Federal lawsuit against us:
I am personally supposed to be a poster whose IP address shows up as Jacksonville, FL, being as I am the only person residing in Jacksonville and apparently the other million or so are just figments of everyone’s imagination. (No wonder I pay so much property taxes!  I’m carrying the weight of the entire city AND surrounding areas!) This person I am accused of being in Madea’s Federal lawsuit has posted about having sons and a brother who has four children.  Help!  Me can’t find me sons and brother!  Miss Jacksonville IP that I am supposed to be is young (in her 30s) and beautiful.  Hum……. thinking here.......... okay….YES!  It is ME! Me-me-me!  I was born in the mid 50s but Madea has broken me down into admitting that I AM in my 30s!  I am young AND beautiful!  YAY!!!!  (Guess that cosmetic surgery I was accused on that Topix forum of getting worked like a charm!) (Still trying to figure out why I don’t remember anything about those sons I'm supposed to have, or my brother, or his kids, though.)  I don't know much about this young poster that I am claimed to be that would warrant a lawsuit, but it’s probably just because psycho-delic ex and Madea want to think it is me.  After all, I AM the only Jacksonville resident!  Aren’t I? 

In this Federal lawsuit it is also being claimed that I am the owner of a website that has offended Madea because it lists some of her criminal history. It is also claimed that I am in the web-hosting business and that I own a server that houses the offensive scammer website where both she and the ex were featured.  Proof?  The website server company is located in Jacksonville.  That’s it.  There’s yer proof!  This company also houses thousands of other websites, and come to think of it, if I own this company---then I want my profits and I want them NOW!! “What do you MEAN you never heard of me?  ‘Madea’ says in sworn court papers and under oath that I OWN this place and she wouldn’t just LIE!  Not in a Federal lawsuit!  No-siree!

Madea’s has attempted to publicly mock what she thinks my husband does for a living.  She claims that he sells coupons online or something like that. Where does she come up with this craziness?  (Three guesses, and if you guessed the ex, then you win a prize!)  In Houston, Texas on June the 22nd, at a hearing in her bankruptcy case (she had fraudulently listed us individually as "creditors" in her bankruptcy because she thought the bankruptcy "stay" would protect her from her actions against us), after the Judge sternly warned "Madea" not to pursue her alleged bankruptcy sanction claims against us (because, as he stated, he recognized the liability of her recent actions involving us) she was hanging her head and trying to be invisible while exiting a courtroom, and muttered “Coupon Man” as she passed my husband.  Was that supposed to be a putdown?  I mean, even if true, it would be a respectable and honest job and not like being a pimp or a panderer or even racketeering!  Right? (Oh, and that is in no way trying to bring up the unfortunate past in reference to “Madea’s” criminal history and/or arrest record for certain activities.)  Anyway, I am working on the cape and mask for “Coupon Man’s” next great adventure!  (Good thing he has the legs for tights!)

Back to more of "Madea’s" proof:  My first name is Mary (although I’ve never gone by that name) and my mother’s name is Mary and somebody in this world with that same unique name of Mary has emailed or posted somebody and said something to them about somebody (or something) and their name was also Mary. I sure wish we didn’t have such an unusual, distinctive, and 1-in-a million name like Mary!  It was certainly a give-away in this scheme to defame someone we never ever heard of and aspire to get ourselves famous by using this felon’s, er…. um… I mean "famous" person’s trade name (or something like that).  

Want even MORE proof?
It has been stated by “Madea” in her sworn court papers and under oath in this Federal lawsuit that my husband is also a law enforcement officer and detective with the Duval County Police Department and that he used company time to harass and pick on poor Madea on that Topix forum.  Interesting…..  I never knew that!  I guess his undercover identity is….. COUPON MAN!   Da-da-da-DUM!  (This is where he really needs that cape.  I gotta get on that and get it finished up!)  OH, and that was her proof!  Did you miss it?  (Me too!)  Wanna go through it again?

There is much more such amusing unquestionable "forensic proof" (as she calls it) in this Federal lawsuit where Madea has alleged "conspiracy, trade libel, Lanham violations, copyright infringement, internet fraud" and other such important and serious-sounding claims against us. What IS this forensic proof?  Well, there are printouts of the Topix postings from the people my family is claimed to be.  There ya go!  That’s the proof! (that her printer works) Then there are printouts from this scammer site.  Yep!  (Proves her printer still works!)  Oh, and there’s somebody’s email. Don’t know whose, but it’s printed out and stamped as an exhibit.  Sounds important – right? In 40-something pages of random printed "exhibits," there is nothing that actually makes a lick of sense as “proof” of anything.  Maybe this is because there ISN’T any proof.  Nope! None. In fact, no one in my family has ever posted one word on any Topix forum or the website in her complaint, don't plan to, and the only thing she has as correct in her ego-dripping Federal lawsuit complaint against us is that we live in Jacksonville, Florida.  This poor woman, though, completely blinded by her own arrogance and greed, was so eager to boost her street-cred by filing a "Federal lawsuit," against someone, vilify US, publicly disparage US, and snatch up what she thought was a pot of gold, that she plumb forgot that she has NO actual proof.  None!  As Homer Simpson would say, “Doh!”

At that same June 22nd court hearing where “Madea” was trying to convince the Judge that we had participated in the imagined activities against her, she stood there and said, “Most of it I can't prove...”  (I was attending this hearing via speakerphone.  You know, one of those with the shiny little “record” button.)  In reality, she can prove NONE of what she claims because no proof exists.  All “Madea” has as “proof” is gossip from about the least credible person she could’ve ever found--the psych-o-delic, revenge-seeking, troublesome ex.  (I guess there really is a sucker born every day!)  The Judge was quick to let her know that he wasn't the least bit interested in her he-said/she-said claims.

Madea has also jumped up and down screaming and posting that we were all “running from Federal process servers!”  Wow!… Talk about swank bravado!  How can one be running from someone who isn’t chasing them?  (I would recommend PF Flyers for this, however, if ever needed.  With PF Flyers, you can run faster and jump higher!) (Did I just show my age?) No, it was AFTER we filed our answers and Motion for Summary Judgment to Madea’s grandiose and delusional Federal complaint that a kindly gentleman apologetically served my husband one morning on his way out to work. (I think he must have read that complaint and was embarrassed to be the one to "serve" it, and I can guarantee that this gentleman did not indicate that we were "running from" or avoiding him in any way.) My husband accepted service for me because it was before 7:50 a.m., which is mascara time, and nobody gets to "serve" me before the mascara is on! 

I think this Deborah Dolen aka author Mabel White person would’ve stood a better chance trying to convince a jury that I am 5 ft 2, instead of trying to sue us for the claims that she has asserted, with absolutely no evidence other than her twisted logic and say-so.  It is true that anyone with $350 can file such a nonsensical lawsuit, and although there is no screening process in place, general sanity keeps most people from frivolously filing such lawsuits.  When it comes down to brass tacks and providing the facts, the courts easily recognize who belong behind the bars (or in a padded cell) and who do not. 

Screen-Zombie Syndrome?
Because my name, my husband's name, and my mother's name have all been drug into several Topix forums by Madea (and associates) and disparaged in an attempt to tarnish our names, I have occasionally read their silliness and wondered if these posters suffer from some sort of internet zombie syndrome!  These handful of Topix geniuses, although they know absolutely nothing about us and have never seen even one single posting from anyone in my family, have posted as if they actually knew something that I didn't about us, and argued with people they thought was, and even included us in their posted opinions of our alleged guilt. (Ignorant thinking seemed to be that if something is claimed in a "Federal lawsuit" is must have some merit of truth to it - but then again, these were the same people with nothing better to do than sit around playing armature detective on some online crime board forum and not recognize that it was their actions that we were being sued for.) After being prompted by mysterious posters, a few have even claimed they will file additional lawsuits against "Madea's" defendants for this, that, and the other, and that Mabel (oops! There I go again!) Ma-D-E-A will be giving her support for this. I can only imagine what these few will come up with because no matter what they think they know, I can say with 100% unequivocal certainty that no one in my family, and no one that I know personally has ever posted in any chatroom or forum on Topix, or in conjunction with anyone from Topix.  I also have to wonder what’s missing in the smarts department with some of these posters as they haven't even realized that “Madea” has absolutely NO evidence of her allegations other than the voices in her head and gossip from the revengeful, psych-o-delic ex.  If the afflicted Topix posters even exist outside of Madea's alias world of imaginary allies, it seems that these screen zombies never even realized that a “Final Order” of injunction that was published online by Madea wasn’t even an actual signed order from any court, but a DIY one that was simply written and posted by Madea, herself--just for show, and to further libel US!  She IS an "author," after all!  (Gotta feel kinda sorry for someone(s) in mental shut-down mode.)

Copyright Joanne Kidd - 2009Speaking of such, the ex has even jumped on Topix and rambled on and on about how I was a “Fake Face” and how I had “obviously” had cosmetic surgery.  Oh my!  Yikes! Scary!  I haven’t even ever had fake fingernails, much less cosmetic surgery!  (Thank you very much for thinking so dah-ling, but I'm aging just dandilee without it.) Hey, WAIT! I DID wear false eyelashes at my daughter’s wedding in 2008.  Does that count?  Oh yea!  I have under wire in my bra, too! 

To Find Out More... (Can you Believe There's More?)
Find out more about Madea!
What Happened in the End? (Teaser: "Somebody" took this to a jury trial without having any support or proof for her crazy claims. "Somebody," like a Pinto jacked up on monster truck tires, spouted her insane delusions in Federal court in front of a jury, and "somebody" made herself look pretty foolish! Oh yea, and "somebody" also LOST all of her claims!) (I think "somebody" just needed some attention.)
How is This NOT Elder Abuse?
Who is My Husband’s Psych-o-delic Ex (Hint: The Yackity McYackster is Angela Schubart Ledcke)

Words of wisdom:
Something I was taught long ago is that someone can only have power over you or your life if you let them.  Ignoring a bully (and in this case, a bunch of monkey-mouth-cell-gangster threats) is the best response, because most of the time all they are seeking is attention, and it is a simply a waste of time to argue with someone like that!  Consider the source!
 Oh, and my favorite:  "Don't poke a skunk.  Just walk away!"
 No, seriously, this is my very favorite:  "Stand up straight."  (Thank you, mother!)


Okay, Finally - An Ending to The Story:
Well, after schlepping through the Federal court system for three years and patiently putting up with Madea’s PRO SE bullying and fake claims (not to mention that band-aid flapping on her heel), it turns out that she wasn't quite as convincing as she thought she could be in her little lawsuit lottery endeavor (AKA funding her retirement). ALL of her whacko claims were dismissed - and she now has a monetary Judgment against her in OUR favor. Sure, she threatens that she’ll just
ditch us” in so-many months. (That’s monkey-mouth-cell-gangster talk for saying that she’ll write this off in yet another one of her many bankruptcies. Her 7th - or something like that.)

She tried to recuse (disqualify) the Magistrate Judge, but he said her claims against him were false and "unsupported" (well.... DUH! Hello!) and that she "balked" when given the chance to give a reason why he should be "disqualified" from the case. That's some serious stuff! (She said we brainwashed him, the mediator, and the other Judge into believing us.) Here's that Order

I don't think she liked it when he later said her conduct in this lawsuit was frivolous and "vexatious" and he awarded us that monetary Judgment against her. Naturally, she said she was going to appeal the monetary Judgment, and even filed an Indigency Affidavit for her appeal attempt. (It’s called Forma Pauperis, and that just means that she thinks the Federal government should pick up the tab for the filing fee for her appeal and for more harassment against us because she’s willing to claim she has no money or income.) Turns out, that was just another bluff and gansta-gansta threat.

The Forma Pauperis application she filed Right HERE said she still owes $2,000 to Sheryl Farley, a [paid] trial investor trial witness-that-didn't-witness-anything-but-said-a-bunch-of-really-nutty-stuff. (Lots and lots of weirdness with that "testimony" investment.) Okay... Sigh... Where was I? Oh yeah - I seem to recall an email from pro se plaintiff Deborah Dolen (who is playing the part of "Madea" here), where she said this lawsuit was going to be her "full-time job” for the next three years. She was asking us for demanding a salary of over 7 million dollars, but we politely said “no, thank you.” Just thinking, but maybe that’s why she’s in an unfortunate financial predicament. Maybe an actual JOB would’ve been a better choice. A lot of people do that, ya know. I think it’s called w-o-r-k-i-n-g! (Instead of pretending to be famous, or injured, or oppressed, or even stalked.)

The psycho-delic ex snuck out the back door (sort of speak) after realizing that this wasn’t going to be as fun and lucrative as she might have expected, (or maybe she had a headache) and that we weren’t being persuaded to hand over buckets of money to make this little lawsuit heist go away.  Oh, and speaking of that sort of thing. . . seems Miss Ex had a pesky little felony burglary charge and criminal misdemeanor to answer to in Indiana, so I’m sure she was busy with that, and jail again and all. I just know it couldn’t have been another one of her “stir the pot and run away” games. Right?

Oh well... all's well that ends well... and honesty and integrity eventually triumphed over lies and greedy douchebaggery!

Disclaimer: This is my own personal blog where I have shared my own personal and direct experience. The opinions expressed here are also my own and are based solely as a consequence of this adverse and direct personal experience. 






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