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First Birthday, Serious Cuteness, and Let's Eat Cake!  

I guess I don't have to remind anyone how fast a year can fly by, especially when you're enjoying it! The grandma business here this past year has been wonderful, and so much fun! It seems like just yesterday we were all dodging projectile spit up and mustardy squirts, and then all of the sudden it was time to party plan the little Mister's first birthday!

My daughter (baby's momma) (who BTW is the perfect party/event planner and hostess), had such a cute idea for the birthday party invitations and made a chalkboard sign that said "Feed Me Cake." Next came a photo shoot to get a picture of him holding the sign, so I grabbed my camera and off we headed for the back yard.

Having a great idea was only the beginning. Seems Little Mister had some creative ideas of his own. . .

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To get this active little guy's attention, we hooted, we hollered, we chased him around, and momma played peek-a-boo while jumping up and down. The neighbors within earshot were probably thinking we had gone completely and utterly insane. (Nothing new there.) Finally! The perfect shot! Yes!! We nailed it!

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Now the invitations were ready for creation in Grandma's design lab. On the actual 5x7 invitations, the "Logan is One" text was a bit smaller and the details of the party were below that text. The little cupcakes were designed to die cut and were attached with 3-D foam tape. Here's a cropped version without the party details on it, and one we had printed poster-size to use for table and yard signs.

Does this guy have a case of serious cuteness, oh what? (I'm just sayin...)

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The cakes were designed to match the party theme and Birthday Boy had his own cute little smash cake!

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All of his favorite foods were served, including ma-ma's meatballs, chicken quesadillas, guacamole, fruits, grandma's macaroni n' cheese, and a big fish bowl of Pepperidge Farm's goldfish.

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Pumpkin iced and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies from Logan's "Grammy" were so yummy! (I'm so glad she never scrimps of the frosting!)

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Everybody ate and ate, kiddies played, presents were opened, and then.... at last....

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