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Hitting the "Start" Button on a Floor Renovation. . .
For the past several years I've been dreaming about replacing the living room, kitchen, dining room and hall floors. I've started the project, then stopped the project many times because of becoming so completely overwhelmed with all the choices and possibilities. This isn't my first renovation rodeo, so I know how these things go. I usually love a renovation project, but the kind where I'm the one in control of and doing the actual work. (Have I mentioned that I'm sort of a control freak that way?) What? This surprises you?

For this project, I knew I could merely micro-manage (another fine quality of mine) and I was well aware that after I actually pushed the "Start" button on this project that it would be like releasing a snowball to roll downhill. Can't put new floors in without removing the old floors; the squeak in the dining room sub floor that always let me know exactly when someone was sneaking through the house at night would need to be addressed; baseboards would need to be milled to match what's already in adjoining rooms, and then... there's the mess. The dirty, gross pervading, permeating mess! I'm choking on the dust just thinking about it! NO! Wait! That IS the actual dust I'm breathing in because I DID push the "Start" button!

Floor Renovation, Day 1:

Floor Demolition 1
From dining room to living room

I haven't smelled that raw floor smell in years! Oh, the memories... The stale, musty, dusty memories.

Floor Demolition 2

Floor Demolition 3
Dining room

Floor Demolition 

I suspect these guys may have thrown down some Red Bull with their Wheaties this morning.

Floor Demolition
Through kitchen

Floor Demolition 4
West hallway

Yes, l am very, very tempted to mop this up, but tomorrow is another day, and I have plenty to do chasing dust bunnies right now. . .

Oh, no they di-ent! Oh... yes they DID! They BROKE my glass top stove! It will be about a week before the new one arrives. Looks like I'm taking a break from cooking! (Yay!)

Sub Floor Replacement, Day 2: (Which, is actually day 4)

Dining room sub floor - before

As expected, the floor project morphed into a sub project - or more like a "sub-floor" project. Yep, it's gotta come up, so it's time for crew #2. I'm sitting on the edge of my seat anticipating their arrival.

Subfloor demolition 1

Because of all the creaking and give to the floor over the past few years, we weren't sure what we'd find under the surface of the sub floor. What we did find was like a time capsule! It had been over 30 years, but the structure under the top layer was perfectly intact. What a relief!

Subfloor Demolition 2

Thankfully, only the top needed replacing. Removing it was the hard part, though.

Subfloor Demolition 3

Subfloor Demolition 4

Construction corn hole, anyone? Who has the bean bags?

Subfloor Replacement

The insulation was put back in and a new top layer secured. Tomorrow we're back on track! In the meantime, looks like we have us a barnyard dance floor tonight. Yee- Haw! Gonna grab my partner 'n swing him 'round...

Leveling and Prep, Day 3 (Which, is actually day 5):

Floor Leveling

Friday, late afternoon, goop was poured all over the area being floored. The drying time was 2 hours and I needed to decide where I wanted to be gooped in for that time. It was like being painted into a corner, so I decided my office was the place to hide. I've spent hours in there at a time working, but the minute I was trapped in there I got hungry, needed to pee, and the claustrophobia (which I've never had before) set in. My husband got home, but couldn't get into the house. I was gooped in and he was gooped out... (And HE had the pizza with him!)

Baseboards and Floor, Day 4 (Which, is actually day 8):


The baseboards had to be replaced in certain areas before the floor could go down. Then, finally...

Laying the Floor

The floors go down!

Such a difference already! Just look at this one view comparison (below).

The floors are in and I've had my construction clothes on and have been busy painting, caulking, patching, and doing my "finish-up" work. Now it's time to grab my camera and get a few "after" pictures... Ready?


Copyright Joanne Kidd

I think our little Fondi kitty even looks better with this new floor. Don't you?

Copyright Joanne Kidd 

Copyright Joanne Kidd 



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