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A Delicious Little Kitchen Re-Do: Old Made New

Since my sanity was only somewhat affected on the recent floor replacement project, I figured I'd test it just a little more by finally getting that kitchen cabinet re-do project in motion.

The original plan was to have the kitchen gutted and rebuilt, until one of the "home" stores tried to sell me on a new design that gave me 40% less cabinet and counter space, and a design that made no sense at all. The more I thought about this, the more I realized that I liked my kitchen's functionality and footprint. I even liked my existing counter tops. They just go so well with the flavor and age of house. It was, for the most part, the cabinets that I despised. (Really, really des...SPISED, I tell ya!!!!)

After a few appointments for bids, we were flabbergasted, staggered, and stunned to be told  by every single rep that my "charming cabinets" (apply loathing sarcasm here) were all wood, and were made better than new ones would be. I seriously could not believe my ears! I think my response was something like: Are you serious? These awful cabinets that were installed back in the early 80's are "good?"  "Good" as in, for WHAT? "Better-than-the-quality-of-what-you-get-now-a-days"--WHAT? Get real! No Way! Okay, let's just say "way." Now what?

Refacing. Well, I'd heard of this, but really had no clue what it meant. I mean, I had a little clue, but didn't know the procedure and what could be done via this process. Turns out, there are many, many different options to refacing. We choose the option of having all new custom made doors and soft-close drawers, new hardware, and the insides of the existing bases refinished on the outside and completely skinned on the inside. I was skeptical of that last part (it's my nature), but after seeing the transformation, I've cashed in my skepticism for complete amazement. These darned old (ugly) cabinets transformed beautifully and are better than new, now! They really are!

Here's some before, during, and after pictures of the process:

This is the kitchen before. I can't believe I didn't put up the Crockpot before taking these pictures, but oh well... I didn't put up my paint, either.

Yep, these were my rickety-ickety 1980's cabinets. Now, here's the process of their transformation and beautification. . . (I just love a "before-after" story -- don't you?)

They started by removing the existing door and drawers, and masking off everything but the cabinet base boxes. Notice how the insides of the cabinets were so dark! The cabinet over the stove was completely removed so an over-the-range microwave could be added.

The bases were then sprayed with a "secret ingredient" chemical paint/bond finish in arctic white. Next they skinned the insides of all the cabinets and fit in the sweet new soft-close drawers.

This "skinning" process was amazing!

With new polished wood skins, they're all fresh and NEW inside! See? Now for the new doors and drawers... 

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Um... Excuse me please... May I get through there?...

Okay... Are you ready for a sneak peek at some "after" pictures? Here's a few of the raw re-do'd kitchen - right after the cleaning up.

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A drawer stack was added where there used to be a mini freezer. Who wouldn't love having more drawers?

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The Judges panel at the end of the counter was made to compliment the kitchen and existing column across from it. (I love columns and corbels!)

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Both the new cabinet doors and drawers were custom crafted and turned out so beautiful. Love, love, love!

Now, for some organizing. The really fun stuff!

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These cute containers were perfect for the top of the fridge to hold Fondi's cat food and Cody's dog bones.

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Organizing the cabinets was such fun after finding these cute baskets from Target. A potter's wheel that wasn't being used any more became a turn-around for my olive oil (just in case I want to use the bottle in the back instead of the one in the front).

Larger matching baskets in the pantry are for breads and snacks. (I know... I know... this is a pathetic collection of snacks.)

Now that everyone's food is organized, it's time to start putting the rest of the kitchen back together...

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Did I mention that I loves me a topiary?

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Now, that's some excellent advice, don't you think?

Oh, and if you're wondering what I did with all the old wooden drawers. Well, I put them outside, filled them with dirt, and...

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They became handy little Spring seedling boxes.

Just look at those eager flowers popping through the soil!

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With the seedlings being protected, this little plant nursery is bursting with new growth.

If you want to try this yourself and need a drawer, just pop me an email!

Flash forward...
Here's what grew in my old drawers.

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