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A Delicious Little Kitchen Re-Do 
The original plan was to have the kitchen gutted and rebuilt, until one of the "home" stores tried to sell me on a new design that gave me 40% less cabinet and counter space, and a design that made no sense at all.  



Finally, We Hit the "Start" Button on the Floor Renovation. . .
For the past several years I've been dreaming about replacing the living room, kitchen, dining room and hall floors. I've started the project, then stopped the project many times because of becoming so completely overwhelmed. This isn't my first renovation rodeo, so I know how these things go. I usually love a renovation project, but the kind where I'm the one in control of and doing the actual work. (Have I mentioned that I'm sort of a control freak that way?) What? This surprises you?

Copyright Joanne Kidd 2013 

First Birthday, Serious Cuteness, and Let's Eat Cake!  
I guess I don't have to remind anyone how fast a year can fly by, especially when you're enjoying it! The grandma business here this past year has been wonderful, and so much fun! It seems like just yesterday we were all dodging projectile spit up and mustardy squirts, and then all of the sudden it was time to party plan the little Mister's first birthday!   



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