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Enjoying Some Gull-Talk!

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St. Augustine Beach - August 8, 2009

Usually I don't have much use for pesky seagulls and it really gets on my nerves when tourists feed them and don't realize the consequences. (Splat!) Today the gulls were just hanging out and enjoying themselves, so I decided to go sit with them.  Oddly, these gulls weren't the usual squawkie, ravenous, scavenger types.  They seemed more cultured and refined, and since they didn't seem to mind me being there, I was able to get some video of their performance!  What cute little showoffs they were!

 Check out their ballet! 

Kayaking Day Trip in St. Augustine

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Maybe this didn't turn out quite like we planned.


This was great fun and how we spent our anniversary in 2008!
My Mr. Romance husband talked the captain into going several miles farther than intended so that we could fly 1,400 feet in the air above the place where we met 34 years ago, and where he proposed 28 years later!  Sometimes this guy just makes me wanna say, "awwww" right out loud! 


What can I say? 
My husband is from Indiana, and I'm beginning to wonder if he'll ever get tired of having the beach as a playground now that he's here in Florida.  We head to St. Augustine beach at least one day every week, even when we're the only ones there and I'm shivering because it's February!  He stays busy with the beach toys, while I sometimes get a little "inspired" and grab my camera--making him the subject of my creative flow.  (This also explains the extra tan line from my camera strap!)

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