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Portrait in Crayola!
That's me --- in the pink!  (I think I'm winking.)  I can't help but notice that what I'm lacking in ears, I really make up for in the lip department!  Gotta love that!  This picture is our first portrait from this particular artist, and has found a home front and center on the fridge--where true art belongs!


Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder:

ADAM STRAIN BUILDING - Copyright Joanne Kidd

I don't know what to say other than I LOVE this building and I was captivated by it the first time I saw it!  I guess you could say that it was love at first sight.  I was walking down a street in Darien Georgia, and when I looked up, there it was!  It stopped me in my tracks and I was instantly drawn into not only it's obvious history and potential, but the fact that it was, as it stood, being almost two centuries old and absolutely picture perfect! 

Built in 1815, it was once a warehouse during the timber era.  Burned in 1863 and later refurbished in 1873, this tabby building was for many years used as a mercantile store and ship's chandler.  It is currently for sale and on the state's "Historic Buildings in Peril" list.

Getting Some Fresh Mountain Air

Lake Logan in Sunburst, NC - September 5, 2009

We spent our Labor Day weekend enjoying a visit with family in Asheville, North Carolina.  While we were there, we drove up into the Blue Ridge Parkway in search of Cold Mountain, because we both love that story and the movie.  "Innnmaaannn..... Is that you?"  The crisp, cool mountain air was enough of a refreshing change to make me want to build a log cabin up there somewhere! (Forgetting temporarily that it does get below 60 degrees in the winter and that I would be running back to Florida as fast as I could!) 

We really didn't expect to see a wagon train!  


I would like to know just what these tires are going to be used for!  I KNOW they were not being delivered to Mattel for the Barbie-Mobile!  Look at the SIZE of those things!!

On the way back home we took a little side trip through Savannah, GA, and came across this!  (Please note: There is no statement being made here concerning a particular October 31st football game.  Seriously!) 


This wild gator in the Savannah Wildlife Refuge needed to be extracted from the water because it had a rope twisted around it's neck. Getting the big fella out was a bit of a challenge for the game officers, though!

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