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Christmas Treasures

Every Christmas when I haul out the ornaments and decorations, I'm taken back through the years of special memories and cherished moments.  From ornaments of first Christmas(es) through the magical Santa years, little reminders of those times are carefully hung on the tree year after year.  As new memories are made each year, others become treasures.

May your Christmas be filled with family, friends, and love ~ and bring with it special memories that will last forever.


Getting Ready for Christmas!  Getting Ready to Get Ready. . .

Mr. Elf is glued to the SEC championship game today, so I am taking on the elfing responsibilities of making the list and checking it twice.  I'm trying my best to be an online shopper this year and avoid the malls, but I have to admit that even though I'm not particularly fond of fighting crowds, it feels a little more Christmas-ee to be out there enjoying the music, the decorations, and the free samples of apple cider at Williams-Sonoma, than it does behind this screen!  (Oh no! Now I've given myself an urge for some of that apple cider!) (And the bells-a-ringing, and the carolers singing!)

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I have an idea for our Christmas cards this year but it involves picture-taking, and since an updated, fancy-dancy DSLR camera would be sooo much better for this, I'm hoping that I've been nice enough this year that Santa will let me use my present a little early. 
(shhhhh. . . Don't tell that I k-n-o-w what it is!)



Are They Just Trees and Moss?

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The Mister Kidd and I went exploring on our bikes today and detoured at a nearby cemetery because I wanted to take some pictures of the moss-filled trees.  (We are also property owners there!)  It was an absolutely beautiful day and I was trying to get a picture of a sunburst peaking through the branches.  I kept getting that feeling that we were not alone, and in reviewing my images, I noticed that these enchanting trees had an unusual character about them.  I guess all they needed were some hobbits tucked away in the branches!


Being Thankful:

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I love Thanksgiving!  I especially love to cook Thanksgiving dinner, and fill the house with the potpourri of aromas of all of our favorites.  Everyone in my family anticipates and expects that there will be no changes and no substitutions to this ritual meal--especially "grand-ma's" (my mother's) stuffing and giblet gravy!  That recipe has remained the same throughout my lifetime, and is something that a Thanksgiving would not be complete without!  The taste of that dressing and gravy, along with the turkey, cranberries, and other Thanksgiving day favorites, brings to mind the memories and history of my many Thanksgivings with my family - both living and those we have lost.  My sister and I used to snitch and snatch those tasty (and sinful) little pieces of fallen skin from the golden turkey during carving time, and just the taste and memory of that still makes it feel as though she were right here, and that I'd better move fast or lose out. 

Thanksgiving is a reflection of the enduring warmth of a tradition when family and friends gather to experience familiar flavors, and are reminded of all the many blessings and reasons to be thankful.

Wishing everyone a very happy Thanksgiving!

A Retro Day on the Bay:

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October 25, 2009

We were feeling a little nostalgic on a bright and clear October day, so we headed to nearby St. Augustine to enjoy playing tourist and being reminded of how St. Augustine never seems to change.  

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Castillo de San Marcos

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