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Getting Ready for Christmas!  Getting Ready to Get Ready. . .

Mr. Elf is glued to the SEC championship game today, so I am taking on the elfing responsibilities of making the list and checking it twice.  I'm trying my best to be an online shopper this year and avoid the malls, but I have to admit that even though I'm not particularly fond of fighting crowds, it feels a little more Christmas-ee to be out there enjoying the music, the decorations, and the free samples of apple cider at Williams-Sonoma, than it does behind this screen!  (Oh no! Now I've given myself an urge for some of that apple cider!) (And the bells-a-ringing, and the carolers singing!)

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I have an idea for our Christmas cards this year but it involves picture-taking, and since an updated, fancy-dancy DSLR camera would be sooo much better for this, I'm hoping that I've been nice enough this year that Santa will let me use my present a little early. 
(shhhhh. . . Don't tell that I k-n-o-w what it is!) 


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