How and why Angela Schubart Ledcke *(now married to David A. Niehoff) *(now going by Angela Bohrer of Carmel, Indiana) conspired and connived with a convicted felon (Deborah R. Dolen), and with deliberate and malicious intent, attempted to damage my family with victim-playing by targeting us in a nonsensical, vexatious, and harebrained pro se (DIY) lawsuit scam for the purpose of an extortion scheme and calculated character assassination.

*Name changes from recent and ongoing marriages are noted only as a convenience and a reference for Angela's debt collectors and collection agents. Although ridiculous in theory, but because she is my husband's ex and databases have somehow connected us, Angela's debt collectors routinely call my home when trying to locate this woman.

In their own irrational world of self-victimization, far-fetched gossip, preposterous tales, and with a cavalier disregard for others, both of these devious women (one, who we didn't even know existed at the time) schemed-up a multitude of illogical and absurd narratives in which they were willing to deceitfully launch legal claims that they had been "done wrong" by my family and me.
The problem:
Because their patently false and absurdities (aka delusions) were completely meritless, they couldn't back up any narrative they had conjured up, and their overly-ambitious attempted lawsuit scam to extort a monetary  settlement from us eventually fell apart.

Acting solely on selfish, careless, vindictive, and vengeful motives, then later masquerading as a victim in how her reckless behavior impacted and damaged the lives of others, and throwing off her foolish lack-of-conscience behavior as being "in the past," has been standard operating behavior for Angela Schubart Ledcke/Angela Niehoff/Angela Bohrer. Her fabrications in this victim playing technique have been her ongoing way of gaining attention, sympathy, and support from others, as well as a way to justify the reality of her own abuse of others. She's even been known to fabricate and create her own [do-it-yourself] Court orders via Word document creations as "proof" of her own delusions. Eventually, however, anyone with an ounce of sensibility or practical perception will recognize that her ongoing tales of woe aren't based on any sort of reality or truth, and are simply specious stories to try and excuse and "re-write" her history of pomposity, selfish, and irresponsible behavior. (Although, I'm not really sure how she would ever expect anyone to excuse her for having faked cancer more than once in order to manipulate others and solicit sympathy. Having watched someone I loved dearly suffer from and die from this disease, I can't think of a heinous act much worse than when Angela so casually faked having it.)

It's sad that some people were never taught not to lie and cheat, and not everyone has a conscience or a moral sense of right and wrong. In dealing with both Angela Ledcke/Niehoff Bohrer and Deborah Dolen, I learned not to expect such things as honesty, integrity, or rational. What I did learn to expect was self-serving, self-centered, disingenuous, deceitful, immature, and foolish behavior at the expense of others, as well as an indifference and total lack of remorse for their actions.

So, fueled by her jealousy and apparent need for foolish revenge, my husband's disturbed ex, Angela Schubart Ledcke (Niehoff) (currently, Angela  Bohrer) set out by making patently false and nonsensical claims of it somehow being our fault (mine, in particular) that some individuals had caught her in scamming endeavors online here and there. Instead of owning up to her actions, and although we had nothing to do with her online scams and/or shenanigans, she accused my husband and me of trying to "ruin" her. She made childish and idiotic threats that she was going to sue us for that - even though it was her own actions that led to her reputation as a scammer online. (Personally, I believe that she exposed herself... simply for the attention.)

Eventually, she became associated with a convicted felon (Deborah Dolen) who was just as delusional and conniving, but had the added bonus of being arrogant, brash, and generally full of herself. This person also had plenty of experience filing pro se lawsuits, and had even obtained a paralegal degree while in prison. Yep.... one of those inmate-type lawsuit filers...

The senseless gossip flowed between these two coo-coo birds, and they eventually hatched a plan to harass and bully us, disparage us publicly, and try and punish us financially with the cost of litigation by having us named in a bogus Federal lawsuit. This "lawsuit" was filed pro se by felon/plaintiff Deborah R. Dolen. The cherry on top for these two (that was demanded repeatedly throughout the bogus lawsuit), was that we were supposed to "pay" (via a "settlement") in order to have the pro se scam lawsuit dismissed. (Um, no thank you.) The ridiculous allegations in this Federal lawsuit complaint were based completely on their crazy and concocted stories, and contained no factual information, much less anything that would ever hold up in court. We knew that they'd eventually have to put up or shut up, but they could not see beyond their own greed in their attempt to line their wallets via this scam.

Regardless of having had no evidence, no factual support to back up their gossip, and no substantiation or proof of any of the claims, our system is set up to where anyone, no matter their level of sanity and whether or not their claims have been based on fact or fantasy, has the "right" to file a lawsuit as long as they come up with a filing fee. Deborah Dolen borrowed the filing fee from another lawsuit "investor," Annette Bartowsheski [Lahr], and my family was then individually named in this bogus lawsuit extortion scam. Because of the plaintiff Deborah Dolen's continued attempts to stall and draw out this "lawsuit" by filing and fraudulently naming us as "creditors" in a personal bankruptcy only days after filing the action (in trying to take unfair advantage of the bankruptcy court's "automatic stay"), and then amending and re-amending the lawsuit upon our answers being filed each time, we were drug through the Federal court process for over three years by this convicted felon and pro se plaintiff, Deborah R. Dolen, in a calculated game of attempted extortion and lawsuit lottery. Well, we aren't stupid; we don't bully that easily; and It didn't turn out quite as they had anticipated...  

A few more details about their plan:
According to Angela Schubart Ledcke's public admission, sometime after both she and
Deborah R. Dolen (aka Mabel White) had been featured on an internet site and cited as scammers, she was contacted by Deborah Dolen. Angela has admitted publicly that she was the one who supplied Deborah Dolen with our names and personal information because Dolen promised that she would "get them" (us) for her. Dolen, being blinded by her own arrogance and greed, and dooped by the gossip, was nonetheless confident that she had the know-how in the legal department to spearhead this endeavor. (She had obtained a paralegal degree during a previous 7-year imprisonment term for racketeering and prostitution-related charges.) She also had an unusual amount of personal experience in lawsuit filing and gaming the system. At one time Deborah Dolen had even operated a national paralegal-based “work-at-home business opportunity” scam until the FTC shut down her fraudulent operation. Dolen and that company (Paralink) maintain the title of the Federal Trade Commission’s “Top 10 Scammers.” So, this was the perfect person (so Ledcke thought) for her to hook up with and have her big chance at revenge and retaliation against us -- the family of her first ex.

Yes, a dirty, cheap game of revenge was the initial motive. Ledcke, who claims to suffer from psychological disorders and has published freely and openly online that she has been diagnosed with "multiple personality disorders," (but only when it's convenient) had for years been showing signs of obsession toward my husband (her ex) and my family. Trying to cause us damage was something we had already put up with from her for years.

So, without a single asset, shred of conscience, fiber of moral character, or any worth between the two of them, neither Dolen nor Ledcke thought they had anything to lose, and thought they had everything to gain...

The "Lawsuit"
In January of 2009, my husband (Ledcke's ex), my 84-year-old mother (who does not own or even know how to turn on a computer, much less access the internet), and I were all named as "defendants" in a pro se (attorney-free), do-it-yourself lawsuit by plaintiff Deborah R. Dolen aka author Mabel White - a woman we did not know and had never previously heard of, and someone who knew nothing about us other than what had been fabricated by my husband's disturbed and revengeful ex, Angela Schubart Ledcke. In this completely nonsensical Federal lawsuit we were all intentionally labeled and libeled as “known cyberstalkers." No actual basis for any of the claims was ever produced or provided, as the entire endeavor was designed solely to bully, harass, disparage, smear, and damage us financially.

Fraudulent claims and allegations in this ridiculous and baseless lawsuit ranged from copyright infringement (without occurrence of any), to trade libel (even though we had no online business, website, or other means in order to do so), to “Trademark Infringement Lanham Act” (although no actual trademark existed), to conspiracy (without proof, and even though we had never previously heard of the plaintiff, Deborah R. Dolen). The entire lawsuit that was filed by Deborah Dolen, prose, was nothing more than a display of grandiose fantasies, delusions, name calling, and deliberate lies. As expected, the plaintiff immediately upon filing the case, began her attempts to demand and attempt to extort money from us for her to "settle" and drop the bogus lawsuit. To us, this “Federal complaint” was a clear demonstration of complete lunacy and greed, and to their apparent surprise, we refused to be extorted.  

So, why would Ledcke want to "get us?"
In short,
jealousy, revenge, and a whole lot of crazy. It also didn't help that at one time even though my husband was not seeking actual custody of their 17 1/2 year old daughter, but due of Angela's complete lack of parenting skills and because her actions were so disturbing, outrageous, and completely inappropriate, the court yanked custody from Angela Schubart Ledcke and placed that daughter in our care. The court further denied Angela any visitation with the daughter (which speaks for itself). In Angela's world somehow, and as she boasted to others (as well as to the daughter), this was the Court's way of telling her, 'Good job at parenting! Bravo! Now we'll make the father cowboy up.'

Since that situation, Angela Ledcke (now Bohrer) has made continuous attempts to tarnish and damage our names with her obvious hatred, jealousy, and baseless, delusional allegations.

Claims of "Stalking"
Although Angela had on several occasions traveled over 800 miles to vacation here in the city where we live, as well as the very spots where we spent our weekends (locations known by the daughter from when she lived here), this woman has concocted and made ridiculous claims to anyone willing to believe her that my husband and/or I have "stalked" her. Dolen fell for this ridiculous claim and even embellished this story with her own version of how we "tormented" Ledcke. (I suppose we did this just by existing.)

Why am I being so tacky and blogging about this?
For years I have simply ignored Angela Ledcke’s continued tackiness and childishness to the best of my ability, and I have remained silent about what I believed to be personal information as well as her disturbing psychological problems. I recognized very shortly after my first conversation with her that this woman has no grasp on reality, and because of that, I have disregarded her constant inappropriate attempts to interject herself into our lives. She is completely inconsequential to us and our lives are none of her business. I suppose everyone including me has their limits, and after Ledcke's current attempt at retaliation, her completely inappropriate postings about us on public forums, her delusions, the attack on my elderly mother, and spending the past three years in litigation dealing with a completely bogus lawsuit that Ledcke (now Bohrer) instigated, and that my family should’ve had no business being party to, and a completely delusional pro se litigant who has been willing to file and say in court whatever fantasy and lie suits her purpose at the time, I don’t really care to remain silent any longer. We're beyond being tired of Angela's baloney, and we're tired of her dragging us into the continued and ongoing problems she has created for herself

I'm also tired of their state prosecutors and bill collectors calling us and looking for Angela Ledcke. (One collector recently said that our phone number had been input as her contact info, and that she had used my husband's last name as her current name.) 

These messy and dysfunctional people have played their stupid games with my family far too long, and involving us in her schemes is simply inexcusable. 


February 24, 2011 - Deborah Dolen's Lawsuit Against Us is Dismissed with Prejudice

Although plaintiff Deborah Dolen submitted to the Federal Court a ridiculous declaration by her lawsuit cohort Angela Schubart Ledcke/Niehoff/Bohrer that stated Angela wanted to testify that my mother had "ruined" her life and that she could somehow prove
her delusion that I had "lied" to the court, she did not even come close to having her anticipated golden opportunity to "get us" with her unsupported delusions, after all. Whatever craziness Angela and Dolen concocted regarding this "witness" testimony would've been base solely on their own fantasy fiction and complete delusions, as neither had ever had ANY knowledge of anything about us or our personal lives. My mother was just a stepping stone Angela Schubart Ledcke (now Angela Bohrer) was willing to unjustly abuse in order to try and "get" her immature revenge against me.

A Federal Court judge ruled on the pleadings (showing a total lack of proof of ANY claim) and we were all DISMISSED with prejudice from the vexatious and bogus action. (This means that all of pro se plaintiff Deborah R. Dolen aka "author" Mabel White's false claims against us were dismissed by a final judgment in our favor and "with prejudice" means that she is now barred from ever making those claims against us again. 
Order of dismissal

In Addition:
In addition to the claims against us being dismissed WITH PREJUDICE (meaning in our favor and barring plaintiff from bringing any future action on claims) from this staged
lawsuit (with the Court describing the pro se plaintiff's action as torturous, baseless, and vexatious), our counterclaims against the plaintiff were dismissed WITHOUT PREJUDICE, allowing us to preserve them for refilling. We probably won't bother doing this because Deborah Dolen is what is referred to as an "insolvent defendant." She has nothing.

The Penalty:
After this lawsuit was completely dismissed by the court, we motioned for and were
GRANTED FEES against the pro se plaintiff. In a separate recommendation by the court, the plaintiff's actions were described as being vexatious and baseless. As mentioned previously, Deborah Dolen, although promoting herself as a "best selling author," is in reality a deliberate debtor and has already threatened and stated that she will simply write this judgment off in four years in her next [pre-planned] bankruptcy.

At the trial, neither lawsuit instigator Angela Ledcke (also know as a "victim"), her [then] husband, nor her mother (all listed and/or claimed by Deborah Dolen to be willing and volunteer "witnesses" for her in this case) ever showed up. At the last minute, however, the plaintiff, who was depending on their false "testimony" vs. any actual proof or evidence, pulled in two witnesses from off the streets to perjure themselves in rehearsed and concocted "witness" testimonies. (One of which was lawsuit investor, Annette Bartowsheski Lahr.) (For the record, the Court appeared acutely aware that these two "witnesses" were simply off their rockers.)

In Closing: Angela Schubart Ledcke (Niehoff) Bohrer, now also a convicted felon, was charged with felony burglary and criminal mischief in 2011. In a plea deal, she pled guilty to one of the felony charges and was sentenced to three years (with the sentence suspended to time already served) and 2 years probation. In a separate civil case, she was ordered to pay the plaintiff over $6,000. (Gee... Maybe all that was our fault, too.)

It's hard to change the truth... despite the delusions of a couple of gossiping, convicted felon nutcases, and a bogus Federal lawsuit.

2015 Update:
As the past few years have rolled by, because of Angela Schubart Ledcke/Niehoff/Bohrer's indebtedness and that connective databases have led them to us, we have received ongoing and routine calls from various collection agencies and debt collectors who are searching specifically for the whereabouts of Angela Schubart Ledcke. (Now married to Brian D. Bohrer). The fact that she has so casually refused to pay her own bills or act responsibly does not come a big surprise. After all, even on a personal level, this > Judgment for $3,000 (paragraph 11, page 3) held by the ex has simply been ignored by this debtor for over ten years. (Except when she tried to sneak-write it off in a bankruptcy.) Oh, but oops.... > No-Can-Do! (Because that would be an act of fraud.... and a federal offense... and can result in criminal prosecution.) Go figure that we now have Judgments against both of these nut-filled fruitcakes.

Facts stated are based on actual court orders, emails, transcripts, and other documentation.  Any opinions stated are based from my direct personal experience.

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