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What kind of a person would intentionally target and prey upon, then try to intimidate, humiliate, and vilify the elderly --- for sport and for greed? Deborah Dolen would, and did.
Written by Joanne Kidd

Simply thinking that if someone has no Internet access or online existence, that it excludes him or her from being the target and victim of an Internet predator, "cyberpath" and/or scammer can now-a-days be naïve thinking, as my family discovered in January of 2009.

My mother, at age 84, having never heard of Deborah Dolen and even though she had no internet connection, access, cell phone, or even a computer, was nonetheless named as a “Jane Doe Cyberstalker” by pro se plaintiff Deborah Dolen in a Federal lawsuit and accused of various internet-related offenses. Why? As we were soon to find out, this was due to this pro se plaintiff's covetous greed, lack of conscience and/or character, and grandiose sense of self. It was also Dolen's pattern to make false claims and then use the courts and the threat of a lawsuit to try and force a settlement. Being insolvent, herself, this plaintiff must've felt she had nothing to lose.

Although none of us had ever heard of Deborah R. Dolen aka author "Mabel White" prior to her fraudulent, unsupported, fantasy-filled, and vexatious pro se DIY lawsuit against us, my husband and I were also named us as “Jane Doe Cyberstalkers.” Her completely insane claims and allegations against all three of us ranged from copyright infringement (without proof of or occurrence of any), to trade libel (even though we had no online business or other means in order to do so), to “Trademark Infringement - Lanham Act” (although no actual trademark existed), to conspiracy (without proof or instance of any). The ridiculous claimed counts also included "Impersonating Law Enforcement" and "Internet Fraud." All-in-all, there were 10 bogus crazy "counts" and unsupported claims, and this pro se plaintiff-out-of-nowhere was demanding $100,000 from us per count.

Why did she do this? The purpose of this pro se lawsuit was simple. It was to extort us into paying her off to "settle" and go away. She used bullying tactics, threats of public humiliation, and a Federal lawsuit as leverage. The premise behind this scam is that it would be cheaper to settle for a monetary amount than to endure the cost of litigation. (More on that below.) To the plaintiff, this cost was not a factor because she was representing herself as pro se and had no money, no assets, and nothing to lose. She was a convicted felon and seasoned scammer, and we were all simply her latest scam attempt - with my elderly mother (the assumed weakest) as her initial target.

How did we become targets and how did she even know of our existence in this world?  Because, according to plaintiff Deborah Dolen, she had befriended my husband’s troublesome ex-wife, Angela Schubart Ledcke / Angela Niehoff/[now] Angela Schubart Bohrer, a woman who had attempted for years to cause problems for us with numerous childish stunts. After Angela Ledcke [now] Bohrer admittedly supplied plaintiff Deborah Dolen aka author "Mabel White" with our names and personal information and also admittedly encouraged the lawsuit against us for the childish purpose of "getting" us, Dolen discovered through public records when she was “investigating” our assets (also known as stalking us), that I had sold my house to my mother in 2004. Although that transaction is none of this plaintiff's business and was for estate planning purposes that are obviously beyond her comprehension, Dolen has ignorantly continued to assert a completely delusional and unsupported public claim that it was for reasons of "fraud." It was at that point, and solely because of that asset and the coverage for personal liability through the homeowner's policy that this pro se plaintiff was demaning "payment" from, that my elderly mother became another target for bullying and extortion in Dolen’s pro se lawsuit lottery scam that was initiated by my husband's disturbed ex. (Through the initial litigation Dolen discovered the ridiculousness of her actual cited claims against my mother, and found that what she thought would be easy prey, would not be so easy after all. At that point Dolen changed her story and claims to accommodate a new unsupported theory and excuse as to why she targeted my elderly mother with her intentional lawsuit scam.)

With a paralegal class certificate plaintiff Deborah Dolen aka author "Mabel White" obtained while serving time in prison in connection with a charity scam ( racketeering conviction), she was able to compile and file her vexatious lawsuit as "pro se" in Federal court. She demanded a jury trial and was seemingly confident that she would be able to sway and convince a jury into believing her irrational and delusional theories. For a seasoned con artist, that is a piece of cake, and there is apparently nothing in place in our court system to initially screen that process and ensure the credibility of filed lawsuits other than the assumption that the lawsuit filer will act with some sort of reasonable sanity. Obviously, in this case, we feel that element was completely lacking, and the pro se filer with nothing to lose and what she thought was everything to gain was willing to play a game of lawsuit lottery.

It must have been quite a cheap thrill for Dolen to have had an unaware 84-year-old woman (who hadn't even had but one traffic ticket in her entire life), served this frivolous lawsuit by a "Federal process server," as Deborah Dolen was quick to publicly boast about this feat in a disgustingly vile comment directed at my mother that was posted on an internet forum by Dolen (as "Process Server") that very day. As the service was not public knowledge to anyone other than Dolen, it fit right in with what she had threatened.

Did plaintiff Deborah Dolen aka author "Mabel White" do her due diligence of finding out if any of the fictional gossip from the conspiring ex, Ledcke, was true before filing her complaint against an 84-year-old woman?  No!  Did Deborah Dolen / Mabel White have the first shred of evidence before preying on an 84-year-old woman and threatening to put her in jail and take everything from her?  No!  Did Deborah Dolen / Mabel White provide anything to substantiate her claims against my elderly mother? No!  She had no proof, no IP, no ISP and nothing to back her claims. She had nothing because there WAS nothing that could ever link any of us to what Deborah Dolen / Mabel White claimed and filed in her "Federal Lawsuit." The only purpose it served was to intentionally disparage, libel, and harass us and give Deborah Dolen some sort of thrill and/or street cred with her monkey-mouth cell gangster threats against an 84 year-old woman who did not even know of this woman's existence prior to being called, threatened, and verbally abused by Deborah Dolen at 5:40 p.m. on January 13, 2009!

In addition to not having any support to her claims, Dolen also had no assets of her own and absolutely nothing to lose. This is how a bully, a fake, and a thief operates. We were simply supposed to pay her to go away. She had succeeded in this modus operandi with others in her past, and even boasted of how the Manatee County Sheriff's Office once paid her $5,000 to drop a bogus lawsuit she had filed against them. Her finance, we eventually discovered, had also paid her approx $30,000 to go way after she had caused chaos in his life. Again, the theory is that it's cheaper to "settle" and dish out some quick cash than it is to stand your ground and fight a vexatious lawsuit.

What convicted felon Deborah Dolen aka author Mabel White did was plain and simple. Purely driven by greed and cheap fabricated gossip, without conscience, and equipped with only her own grandiose and persecutory delusions, she targeted what she thought was an easy prey -- an 84 year-old woman she knew nothing about and one who had done nothing to her. She called, verbally abused and threatened my mother, then acting as a pro se plaintiff (because no decent attorney would ever touch this with a 10-foot pole), she filed all of our names as defendants in a completely baseless and full-of-hooey lawsuit in Federal Court. This Deborah Dolen / "Mabel White" woman then publicly attempted to vilify an 84-year-old woman and intimidate her into thinking that she would be arrested, publicly attempted to intimidate her into thinking that she would be going to jail, publicly attempted to humiliate and intimidate her into believing that she would be “evicted” from her own home and lose everything she had, posted her name and made vile and sexually explicit comments about her on a public forum (Topix), publicly disparaged her, and although Dolen knows nothing about her, personally published online that my mother is a “demon,” a “terrorist,” and a “bitter old woman.” In a newsletter on her Mabel White Home Living website Deborah Dolen wrote that God spoke to her and told her (in reference to my mother and my family) to “take them down.”  She also published my mother’s address online to ensure that her safety would be compromised. 

Because of her plan and noticeable persecutory delusions, Deborah Dolen aka author Mabel White foolishly insisted that an 84-year-old woman, who did not know of her existence and who does not have a computer, a cell phone, or any means or know-how to access the internet, “cyberstalked,” harassed,  conspired against her, and was a "cyberbully." 

This sort of scam is something that could happen to anyone, as we have personally experienced. Someone who they don’t even know or aren’t even aware of can actually target them, "research" their assets, and decide, 'Hey, I want that!' or 'No fair!  I deserve what they have worked a lifetime for.' In our case, my husband’s ex (from 20 years ago) provided a willing pro se participant with our names and my mother’s name and encouraged a plot to make us the target. 

As an 84-year-old elder who devoted over sixty years in a loving marriage and has worked hard and spent her life building and maintaining an absolutely spotless reputation and standing, my mother has only been loving, respectful, considerate and caring toward others her entire life. She has never done anything to antagonize or discredit anyone for any reason, and is not now and never has been any part of Deborah Dolen or Angela Ledcke's problems online or off. My mother has earned, deserves, and has the right to spend her last years with dignity, and NOT in fear because of being threatened, sued, and generally abused by Deborah Dolen aka author Mabel White, a woman who knows absolutely nothing about my mother, yet has campaigned to unjustly disparage her good name and character in any way possible, simply for greed and for mean-spirited sport! How is this not unconscionable and deliberate exploitation of the elderly and elder abuse, and how, under the deliberately orchestrated circumstances, could we ever view it any other way?

From the start, pro se plaintiff, Deborah Dolen aka author "Mabel White" continuously made monetary demands of thousands of dollars from us to withdraw her bogus “Federal complaint” (without prejudice) (so that she would be able to re-file her claims and harassment via other courts), making it crystal clear what her insidious and vexatious intentions had been from the start. Considering the arrest history and criminal record of this plaintiff (Deborah Dolen aka Mabel White), which includes everything from prostitution procurement and pandering, to credit card factoring, to solicitation for arson, RICO violations, grand theft, racketeering, money laundering, fraud and forgery, to being sentenced to a seven year prison term because of a felony conviction, I suppose this pro se 'get rich quick' lawsuit scam attempt is no big surprise.  As Deborah Dolen boasted in an email to our attorney, "Do not think I am discouraged at any and all denied motions. You will not win them all-and any one set of reliefs [sic] I am requesting is going to be a major coup."  Sort of says it all.

Throughout Dolen's intentional and deliberate bullying and pursuit of my mother and my family, I have discovered a small amount of her arrest and criminal history by searching in public records in some of Florida's county sites under her names: Deborah Dolen, Deborah Harvey (absolutely NO relation), and Deborah Avramidis. Just three of those county sites are:
Manatee County, in Bradenton, FL (Records under all three names)
Sarasota County (Records under Harvey, Deborah as well as Dolen, Deborah)
Sarasota County Criminal Case Details
Duval County (Jacksonville, FL) (Offender records under Deborah Harvey with results for offender with a February 1963 BD.)

I have also discovered that pro se plaintiff Dolen was no stranger to claims of conspiracy and fraud against her and trying to blame others for her own ill-doings. From reading her criminal and court history, this seems to be a common theme in her numerous lawsuit attempts over the years.

Below are just a few of the articles I found online about this person/plaintiff since her targeted attack on my family. Although she claims this information is false and "made up," her history has been validated and speaks volumes to us about her lack of character, morality, and obvious motives.

Deborah Dolen Named In the FTC's Top Ten Scam List
FTC v. Paralink and Deborah Dolen  (Page 3)
Expect E-mail Job Offers to Be Nothing But Spam
Deborah Harvey Is Accused Of Running A Fraudulent Charity
Sarasota Woman Convicted In Spina Bifida Charity Case
Charity Founder Deborah Harvey (Dolen) Gets Five Years
Deborah (Harvey) Dolen Racketeering Conviction Affirmed PDF Version
Ex-call Girl Says Harvey Got One-third
Ex-prostitute Blasts Prosecutors - In this article about Deborah Dolen, I found it particularly interesting that the Assistant State Attorney said that she (as Harvey at that time) had been known to make "unsubstantiated allegations" (against authorities) that were "figments of [her] imagination." We saw plenty of that.
Court Shuts Down Companies Selling Work at Home Kits


February 24, 2011 - Federal Court Orders ALL Claims Against Us To Be DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE:

Order of dismissal  This Judgment clearly states the action against us (lawsuit) to be "torturous" and bars Dolen from ever making those claims against us again. However, out of apparent pure spite and revenge because we stood up to her bullying, and instead of realizing that she was duped by my husband's ex (Angela Schubart Ledcke) and cheap, unfounded gossip, this woman has since taken her lies, ramblings, and unfounded accusations about us to various non-reliable websites (that no reputable journalist would utilize) such as North Country Gazette. There, she is trying to bully and disparage us by associating our names with the terms "cyberbully" and "cyberstalkers" in self-published "press releases" and articles containing content that is clearly and intentionally false and libelous. Thankfully, the court dismissed our counterclaims against this vexatious plaintiff WITHOUT prejudice, so that we will be able to re-assert them in a separate abuse of process action against her.
December 2011:
In her last [completely irrational] motion to the court in late 2011, Deborah Dolen admitted that she never had grounds for suing us and that the purpose of the lawsuit was to try and force us into doing what she wanted. (Paying her off)  She also spouted off a myriad of unsupported and fabricated fantasy delusions - claiming them as "facts." In an "affidavit" of miscellaneous nonsense, Dolen admitted to the court that she was indigent, that she lives gratis in a model home, and that she owns nothing of her own. (A typical "got nothing to lose" pro se plaintiff.) In an
email to our attorney shortly after this motion, Deborah Dolen displayed her contemptuous nature by boldly stating that she would refuse to pay anything on an order against her for our attorney's fees. She also threatened future lawsuit games against us in yet another attempt to bully and try to intimidate us.

In the End:
On many levels there is a definite dichotomy between the person Deborah Dolen tries so hard to disguise herself into being and convince others that she is, and the malicious cyberpath who attacked my mother and my family for no cause other than the sport of being
purposely cruel and selfish. Even though Dolen found absolutely nothing and no one that could support the fictional theories that she formed through gossiping with my husband’s conniving ex, and to this day she essentially knows nothing about us – Deborah Dolen continues to emit her unwarranted comments of hatred, and unsupported and impractical theories and accusations.

We never received the first apology or even an ounce of remorse from her for her malicious actions. Instead, when she knew she been dooped and that there had been no merit to her "theories," she simply made up new tales - always placing herself in the role of the victim.

What we experienced with this woman was nothing less than pure evil.... but that is apparently who she is, and something SHE has to live with.

The Federal Court's FINAL Judgment  - The court ruled against Dolen in the lawsuit and on March 23, 2012 awarded a final judgment in this case  AGAINST Deborah Dolen and FOR the Defendants. The court also adopted into this Final Judgment the Federal Magistrate Judge's Report and Recommendation, that addressed the legal validity of sanctions against her and admonished Deborah Dolen for her "vexatious conduct." [Vexatious conduct, as defined by the court, is conduct that is an abuse of the judicial process and serves merely to harass or maliciously injure another party to the civil action.]

In the end, it will be their own lives that these women destroy with their malice, cruelty, jealousy, and greed - and not ours.

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