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Why My Valentine Deserves Crème Brûlée (and Why I Heart Him):

He fixes stuff and does stuff that he says he’ll do, and I don’t have to “remind” him.
He edges the yard the exact way I like it, and he turned unto an edging goober just like ME!
He has an incredible work ethic,  and is amazingly dedicated and responsible!
He's dependable and I know exactly when he’ll be home for lunch and when he’ll walk through the door every evening.
He enjoys squishing into the same seat section as me on the sofa as much as I do when we watch TV.
He once told me I needed to GAIN 10 pounds!  (A girl's gotta love that!)
He got me into this 3-meals-a-day habit thingie, and I think my brain works better now!
He is clean and a good groomer and I have never seen a stragglier hair on his neck or one coming out of his nose or ears!
He ALWAYS smells good – even after sweating!
He listens to me - even when I ramble and babble on and on!  (I think.)
He completes me (and my sentences)!
He’s my best friend, he’s fun, he makes me laugh, and he makes every day feel like it's Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, to my honey ~ Mr. Kidd.

I Found Myself!

Phew! I knew I was under there somewhere!
After two weeks of record-breaking Florida cold, not owning (or wanting to own) a coat, and wearing up to seven (7) layers including multiple itchy sweaters to keep from getting frost-bitten, today's high is in the mid-60s and sunny, so I'm peeling off the layers and heading outside to see what damage this crazy madness cold has done to my yard and plants!  Bye-bye sweaters! You're on your own today!

My short list of survivors:
This one did better being shoved in the plant shed for two weeks during the freezes than it has being free the past few months!  Kinky!

Snapdragons love the cold, and I love snapdragons!  What a perfect match we are!

January 14, 2010


Ah, Another New Year

Every new year brings with it the feel of a fresh start, new beginnings, hopes, dreams, plans, and resolutions.  Change is good.  Then again. . . there are some things that are great just the way they are.

Barefoot bliss.


One Year Ago:

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Last November at this time I was watching a beautiful bride walk down the isle, and I remember thinking that it felt like only yesterday when she was taking her first steps. From the day she was born, she was my little girl ~ as much a part of me as my right arm, and my every breath and step held her in mind.  Then suddenly, one day she was a grown, independent woman, getting married, and I was dancing at her wedding.

Copyright Joanne Kidd

Today, November 29th, she is celebrating the first of many anniversaries to come and will be following tradition and cutting into that top layer of cake.  Save me some!  Happy Anniversary!



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