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Wishing Everyone A Very Sweet Christmas!



Decorating the house, eating fruitcake and cookies, curling up in front of the fire with my snuggle bunny Mr. Kidd, wrapping presents, tying perfect bows, baking, the smell of the tree, special ornaments, using my red Christmas dishes, enjoying a splash of eggnog creamer in my coffee, driving around to see the displays of lights at night, being with family, gatherings with friends, dressing up in something that sparkles, filling the house with the aroma of cinnamon and spice, lots and lots of red poinsettias, Christmas music, the magic of the holidays, and remembering the reason for the season.


Just One More Weekend, Please!

It's already October, and Fall is right around the corner. I've decorated the house, planted the mums and other seasonal flowers, and put out the pumpkins. Even so, I'm squeezing in just one more weekend of summer fun. Where? Our favorite place to be - St. Augustine!

We had our own little Marineland show as a couple of pods of playful porpoise showed off their aerobic abilities while feeding on mullet! My brain couldn't seem to send that "click" message to my finger quick enough to get some of their jumps, but I got lucky a couple of times and snapped an accidental click or two. Everyone was enjoying the show until one of the boats started to crowd them for a better view, and they moved on. There's always somebody in a crowd that tries to push in front, and ya just gotta wonder sometimes what people are thinking!


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