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Gum Anyone?
I've noticed that some of the cars in Florida don't come with turn signals.  It's either that or maybe the folks down here think that little stick thingie is something to hang their lucky rabbit's foot on.  What's really cool is that cars down here DO have a convenient gum holder installed right there in the console!  Imagine that!

Sand on console courtesy of St. Augustine Beach.

A Great Chance to Get Away and Play!

Easter weekend was fabulous!  We defied our responsibilities and work, and just shot out on the open road!  After only a few hours of making fun of our GPS guide's accent (the does get old), we were enjoying the beauty and landscapes of states that are not flat and/or swamps, but have hills and mountains and rushing streams!  Oh, the beauty!  The weather was perfect, and without having to deal with humidity-hair, I got so excited I almost started singing, "Climb ev'ry mountain.... ford ev'ry stream.... follow every rainbow....  YES, this IS my dream!" (With the full chorography while running up a hill or something, of course.)  In other words, I LOVED it!

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I've been to Chimney Rock several times and just this trip found out that there is an elevator and then only 44 stair steps to get to the top!  As much as I love hiking trails, we took the elevator this time.  27 stories in 30 seconds!  That's some ear-poppin' fun!  The lookout from up there over Lake Lure, and Hickory Nut Gorge brought back memories of not so long ago of me being a neurotic mother as my nine year old skippidy-do-da-never-mind-that-mom-has-a-fear-of-ledges baby bounced around fearlessly.  Sure, they may have a little safety fence around the Chimney, but mountains do not have safety rails!  "Hold my hand!!!"  "Hold my hand!!!"

Copyright Joanne Kidd - 2010

Copyright Joanne Kidd 2010

Copyright Joanne Kidd 2010


I Guess It's That Time Again. . .

Is it really March already?  I don't know how that happened, but I don't have time to argue with the calendar.  (It always wins, anyway!)  I've got to act quick!  Today at the grocery store, I had to take a double take of the rack of trash mags by the register because I actually thought I saw a picture of myself on the Enquirer right under the caption: "Worst Beach Bodies!"  Holy cow!  That was scary!!  So, now that I've polished off every last crumb of my red velvet birthday cake and wiped the cream cheese icing off my face, I'll be enjoying a menu of lettuce, spinach, lettuce, fish, lettuce, h20, mushrooms, and lots of asparagus for the next few months! 


Why My Valentine Deserves Crème Brûlée (and Why I Heart Him):

He does stuff that he says he’ll do, and I don’t have to “remind” him.
He edges the yard the exact way I like it, and he turned into an edging goober just like ME!
He has an incredible work ethic,  and is amazingly dedicated and responsible!
He's dependable and I know exactly when he’ll be home for lunch and when he’ll walk through the door every evening.
He enjoys squishing into the same seat section as me on the sofa as much as I do when we watch TV.
He once told me I needed to GAIN 10 pounds!  (A girl's gotta love that!)
He got me into this 3-meals-a-day habit thingie, and I think my brain works better now!
He is clean and a good groomer and I have never seen a stragglier hair on his neck or one coming out of his nose or ears!
He ALWAYS smells good – even after sweating!
He listens to me - even when I ramble and blabble on and on!  (I think.)
He completes me (and my thoughts and sentences)!
He’s my best friend, he’s fun, he makes me laugh, and he makes every day feel like it's Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, to my honey ~ Mr. Kidd.


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